IIHS Water Saving Initiatives

Twenty-three water metres have been installed throughout the Bengaluru City Campus facility to help track water consumption. The idea is to implement, over time, water efficiency and conservation strategies. With a network of sensors and data analytics, the team at IIHS plans to further reduce water consumption by installing low-flow water fixtures, harvesting rainwater and reducing landscaping water demand by replacing existing flora with native species, which are hardier.

IIHS has teamed up with Wegot Utility Solutions in order to set up an end-to-end solution in the form of the VenAqua sensor technology. This economical ultrasonic sensor is highly accurate and durable owing to its design with no moving parts. A live dashboard and mobile application helps track daily usage and report misuse.


The IIHS team has installed low-flow fixtures to further reduce water consumption in the building after identifying high-flow points. Future plans for active rainwater harvesting are also underway with infrastructure already in place including rainwater tanks and pipelines. Furthermore, as indicated earlier, replacing existing plant species with native, drought-tolerant species will bring down the water use in the garden areas.