Biodiversity Index

The Simpson's Index is a measure of the diversity of species in a given area. It takes into account both the richness and the evenness of abundance of species in an area. In order to calculate the Simpson's Index for the area of study, the total number of species in the area of study is noted along with the number of individuals of each of the species. The IIHS BCC building currently has a Simpson biodiversity index of 0.112.

Research Activities

IIHS is engaged with the theme of urban agriculture and how city spaces can be transformed into becoming green spaces that not only promote biodiversity but are also self-regenerative while providing valuable nutrition for its local residents. In early 2018, Karthik Bhaskara, an IIHS Urban Fellow (2017-2018) successfully undertook a pilot project as part of his internship to develop a terrace rooftop garden prototype that is not only organic but also regenerative using minimal external input. The prototype composted waste in-situ through a worm tower and action of microorganisms in the soil to break down matter and turn it back into healthy soil. Efforts to create a closed loop cycle of food production and waste management through composting is underway at IIHS with the installation of vermicomposting for food waste produced at the IIHS kitchen. The compost will then be used as starter material for new vegetable gardens which are in the process of being set up.